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TxtEdit is an editor for text and Rich text files that includes a spellchecker
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TxtEdit is an editor for Text and Rich Text. TxtEdit supports Unicode and other character sets using 8-bit encoding. TxtEdit includes a spellchecker. There is a possibility to easily shift your language from English to German; various other languages are also supported.

The user interface is easy to use. It has a task bar that allows you to switch from one document to another easily. It includes a send-to feature, which is very helpful to have a quick view on all the various file formats. For this, you have to start the Explorer; after that, you have to right click any file and simply choose TxtEdit under Send to, it’s that easy to use this software.

In TxtEdit you can easily edit any column you want. It helps you to sort lines, join lines, and various other functions are available. You can also use it as an Editor for your HTML, Perl or PHP files, which makes things easier for web programmers. With the help of this software, you can insert tags with one click of the mouse taken from a freely customizable list.

You can also edit rich text files, for which there are many formatting possibilities, and you can insert pictures. You can jump to any line with one click and page preview is provided with it. You can easily open an active document with any other application by one button click.

In this version 4.5, shortcuts have been provided for the multiple clipboard buttons and there are many more improvements for your convenience. I loved this piece of software when I used it the first time; it helped me to edit many HTML codes.

Luis Sanchez
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